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Vindhya Provides Onsite Solutions in Over 180 Cities Across India

Vindhya offers onsite support solutions in over 180 cities across India supporting clients with their process management tasks. Our onsite services include document scanning, accounting, maintaining Inward and outward registers, document validation, internal document movement, courier management, Inventory management, indent maintenance, store keeping and other key routine back office operations.

Benefits Of Choosing Onsite Deployment Services From Vindhya

  • Review your existing processes and recommend improvements
  • Eliminate overhead and provide a significant cost advantage
  • Ability to setup in multiple locations pan India
  • Local resources recruited for better stability
  • Train onsite staff regularly to educate and equip them to implement best practises
  • Ability to scale up in both size and scope

Strategically Located

Having resources at your location is beneficial in many ways:

  • To improve upon Turn Around Time, by cutting-down the logistics of document movement
  • To reduce the cost of processing and transportation
  • To ensure security and avoid transportation risk/ loss, being in the proximity of Clients’ locations

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