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What is Data Process and Why is it important?

Going by the non-business meaning, processing a data that is in raw form is to collect data, synchronize it and convert into useable information presented in an organized form. Data processing begins with collecting the data in its raw form and then transforming it into a more readable formats such as graphs, documents etc. Main aim of processing data is to give the data a form that is interpretable by the machines or the computers and employees across the organization. It is a vital activity.

Data processing is inevitable for companies because without it, companies are at risk of limiting their access to right information that might hone their competitive edge and deliver critical insights for important business decisions. Vindhya, with over 10+ years of expertise in data management, understands how important and necessary data processing is. Vindhya ensures company’s data is effectively used to stay updated in the fast-changing industry. If your company needs the data to be efficiently processed, then, Vindhya can process and produce an effective database with the quickest turnaround time and the most accurate output at the end that enables you to take reliable and accurate business decisions.

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Processing

Process Large Volumes and increase in productivity

Every day, data is collected for many reasons. A company that collects relevant data and has it processed and stored in the required format always has the advantage of retrieving and using it at the right time. Vindhya analyses the data and shares the insight with you (the company). When you have the processed data, it is easy for any company to look into the areas that needs improvements. To boost the productivity of any company, information is essential as it helps in identifying the potential areas that involves minimum investment, yields maximum benefits and areas that needs more attention.

Processing huge data is time consuming, cost intensive and resources intensive. Outsourcing data processing relives you off the burden of sitting with heaps of data, spending time and money on it. Instead, outsource it to trusted and experienced vendor and concentrate on core business activities. Vindhya efficiently processes all the data and shares the information in the required format.

Simplified Report Making

Data is mostly required for the purpose of collecting values and preparing analytical reports. Data is converted into formats such as tables, papers, images, forms, scanned files, etc. Anytime a company wishes to create a report, it can pull out data in any of the above format and create one. It also reduces inconsistency in data.

Save cost

By outsourcing, you can achieve general cost savings up to 60% since you need invest your time and cost in recruiting, training the required resources. Also, by outsourcing to third party you need not invest in any software that is necessary to process the data. Purchase cost can also be saved this way. Vindhya uses the latest software for processing different types of data using the expert resources ensuring huge savings in your operating cost.

Safe and secure

Data processed into various digital formats are easier to store and safely at that. For every company, data is invaluable and it is essential to store it safely and securely. This prevents unauthorised access to the sensitive data. Vindhya uses SFTP and FTP layers that are authorised by company to safely transfer the data before and after processing.

Vindhya’s Range of Data Processing Services

Image Processing

With over 10+ years of expertise Vindhya specializes in offering Image processing services that assists company in their core business activities. Scanning the images and making database entries, scaling and cropping images to suit the end application, 3D and advanced image processing, editing images like retouching, tagging, to upload them in the software are some of the many image processing services that Vindhya offers.

Order Processing

Vindhya ensures all the orders related to company’s business is processed with the quickest turnaround times and accurately at that.

Insurance Processing

Vindhya handles insurance processing for many leading national and international insurance companies. After receiving the insurance forms, Vindhya’s expert team checks for the completeness of forms, scans and captures the data. Quality Check team checks for the quality of the processed insurance forms and then uploads them in the system given by the company. From here, company takes necessary decisions or actions based on the processed insurance forms.

Forms Processing

Over 10+ years, Vindhya has partnered with many leading public and private sector banks in processing their account opening and other application forms. It is inevitable for the banks to process all the forms and keep the data ready to be retrieved and used as and when required. Vindhya’s team are well trained with all the parameters associated with application forms and other services and processes the data diligently.

Data Mining

Vindhya team is trained in going in depth in order to accumulate necessary data for the company’s use, at any given situation. Team combs through the medium such as website, texts, numerous databases that are available, to correctly identify the relevant information that company requires and process it as per company’s requirement.

Loan Processing

For the past 10+ years, Vindhya has been working with various Microfinance and NBFC offering services of loan processing. Loan processing is of two types: Group loan and Individual Loan. Loan application forms are processed for customer profiling, loan profiling, loan sanctioning and loan booking. After receiving the processed forms, MFI and NBFC decide whether loan can be sanctioned to the customer or not. Such is the importance of every single loan application that team Vindhya processes.

Why choose Vindhya for outsourcing Data Processing services?

  • 70%+ business from financial institutions and banks
  • 35000+ loan/account opening forms processed daily
  • 20000+ pages digitized and indexed daily
  • 9000+ calls made daily to conduct Loan Verification and helpdesk
  • 100 % SLA compliance on Turn Around Time
  • 99.49% accuracy in all data processing services
  • More than 1.2 Crore Loans processed so far

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