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Outsource Customer Satisfaction Survey Services

Helping you to Know Your Customer

Vindhya has over 10+ years of expertise in conducting C-SAT survey calling for various industries in the market. Customer Satisfaction calls helps companies to understand the likes and dislikes of their customers and allow them to take informed and data-backed decisions. The ultimate aim of any product or a service company is to keep their customers happy and satisfied with their product/service. C-SAT, Customer Satisfaction, measures the level of satisfaction of every customer with respect to the quality and usability of their product or service.

Mostly, C-SAT is gauged based on customer surveys with different forms of outcomes. It could be on a scale of 1-10 or it could be a % of customers who are happy and satisfied with the product or service. Customers are asked to rate their experience which serves as a key performance indicator for the companies. A low rating or decline in the satisfaction % prompts the company to take necessary remedial actions. Vindhya offers outbound call center service for you to conduct C-SAT survey and understand your customers’ experience.

What Vindhya offers?

As market leader in conducting accurate Customer Satisfaction surveys for variety of industries, Vindhya offers the following types of survey callings:

  • Customers interests and areas of concerns regarding the company’s products or services
  • Efficiency of company’s pre-sales and after-sales services
  • Overall satisfaction of the customers with respect to company

Not only for customers but Vindhya also conducts surveys for company’s employees. Ultimately, happy employees make happy workplace and that directly reflects on to their productivity. Keeping this in mind, Vindhya conducts following surveys for employees and thereby letting company to take remedial measures.

  • Employees’ Well-being
  • Employees’ Workplace concern
  • Views on the rewards and recognitions
  • Areas of improvement and concerns

In a nut-shell, the main objective of C-SAT survey is to make you understand the following:

  • Customer’s opinion on the existing services and interest towards your new services
  • How effective and likeable are your services offered to customers
  • Overall satisfaction of your customers about your company

Value Additions from Vindhya:

Apart from the above, Vindhya adds many valuable insights through the survey results that assist you in taking crucial decisions:


Based on the survey response, Vindhya prepares an Analytical Report which points out the areas of improvement specific to regions, branches, products, services and customer segments.


Financial institutions for whom we conducted C-SAT survey have been alerted on the following critical cases:

  • 1-2% of the customers did not receive the loan amount
  • 1% of the customers did not receive the full amount as promised/agreed
  • There were instances were customer had cancelled the loan

These are highly critical cases that directly impact the level of satisfaction of your customers with your service.


In case of Loan disbursement, companies would know the purpose for which loan was applied for such as, Education, Marriage, Business Start up, etc. This will give you an insight into the requirement of your customers and you can approach them with other offers that would benefit them in many ways.


One of the companies conducted C-SAT survey on suggesting options to offer better services to its customers. It benefitted them in any ways as customers came up with many suggestions such as paying loan amount on monthly basis, speed up the loan request processing time, etc.

Our End to End Operation Process

  • Brainstorming discuss with company and analyse the essence and need of conducting the survey and the desired outcome
  • Design and Development Prepare questionnaires based on the guidelines given by the company
  • Methodology Analyse the different forms of outcome of the survey and choose the best format
  • Implementation Interact with customers making outbound calling and record the responses in the agreed format
  • Analytics Analyse the response and arrive at valuable insights and statistics
  • Report submit the result to the company along in the desired format

Why Outsource Customer Satisfaction Survey calling to Vindhya?

When you outsource Customer Satisfaction Survey calling services to Vindhya, you can get the following benefits:

  • Knowledge based outsourcing services
  • Use of latest tools and technologies
  • Experienced and qualified staff
  • Cost effective services with at least 40% reduction in costs
  • 100% Value adding and analytical survey reports
  • 100% quality and accuracy in the response and report allowing company to take informed decisions

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