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Grievance Redressal Services

Vindhya, with its expertise in handing inbound call center, has an established grievance redressal process that uses latest technologies in contacting the customers to address their grievances.

For any company, it is their endeavour to provide the best in customer service. Companies consider their customers as valued stakeholders whose satisfaction is the most important aspect. Every product or service is built around customer convenience and satisfaction but there can be occasions where the customers may not be satisfied. So, it is important to have in place a robust mechanism to address to the concerns of the customers and ensure timely and effective remedial measures.

Grievance Redressal Policy focuses on improving the customer’s satisfaction by collecting their feedback by making calls or having a 24*7 inbound call centre setup that serves as the touch point for the customers to register their complaints.

What is the need for Customer Grievance Management?

  • Bad customer service leads to negative impression about the company and loss in business
  • Good customer service leads to customers stickiness and growth in business
  • There’s always a room for improvement
  • Reduces Customer attrition
  • Prevents grievances turning out to be compliant and displeasure
  • Collection of data/ complaints received as grievances allows the client to analyse and identify the gap in services offered to its customers
  • Helps in sustaining the quality of the offered services

Basic Requirement of a Grievance Redressal Mechanism:

  • Have a system or touch point for the customers to reach out to the company and voice their concerns
  • Have a system of acknowledging the complaints received through the touch points
  • Fix a time frame within which the complaints will be addressed and resolved
  • Set up a management tool that automatically generates complaint ticket number, tracks ageing of each compliant, triggers notification to the concerned senior management of the company.
  • Set up an established process to receive, acknowledge, notify, track, escalate and close the complaints.
  • Provide timely and responsive, detailed resolution for the customers

Role of Vindhya:

Vindhya’s inbound call center serves as the touch point for the customers to call and register their complaints. From there, Vindhya takes care of the entire flow of assigning ticket to the complaint, sending notification to the concerned departments, triggers escalation mails to the higher official in the cases of failure to timely redressal and closing the ticket after providing resolution to the concerned customer.

Vindhya also strictly adheres to the time frame allotted for each complaint and escalates to the senior team in case the Turn Around Time (TAT) in providing solution is not met by the ground level

Thus, Vindhya offers a 360° Grievance Redressal Mechanism to the companies that wish to keep their customers happy and satisfied all the time.

Technology Used:

A missed call mechanism is used through which customers can contact the inbound call center and register their complaints. Missed call mechanism does wonders as the customers don’t have to wait on call to talk to the support agents. Calling the circulated missed call number suffices to get in touch with the company representatives who in return call them back for enquiry. It saves waiting and holding time for the customers and also ensures that none of the calls from customers go unattended.

Vindhya inbond call center gets customers’ numbers from the missed call portal and calls them to enquire the concerns they have and proceed further and register.

Grievance Redressal Services

Vindhya’s Grievance Redressal Services for range of industries

Vindhya is an expert in offering grievance redressal Services in variety of industries ranging from

  • Retail
  • Food and Beverages
  • E-commerce
  • Digital Media
  • Healthcare
  • Market Research
  • Movie Industry

Why outsource Grievance Redressal Services to Vindhya?

Vindhya’s resources that are part of Grievance Redressal Mechanism team are well equipped in handling customer grievances by following the important aspects of handling people who are in crisis. Our resources are trained to follow the perfect procedure of

  • Identifying the customer by collecting all the required details
  • Listen carefully to concerns that customer says without interruption
  • Probe them in a professional manner to collect more information, if required
  • Offer confirmation about complaint registration, assurance about the timely closure and time frame for the closure
  • Expert in using the latest technology – missed call mechanism and follow-up until the complaint is resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant
  • Well trained on clear accountability of resolution, capturing and reporting of all the complaints

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