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Outsourcing Live Chat support services – Engage, before they exit

Vindhya e-Infomedia is a leader in providing effective live chat support services to your customers, round the clock and around the globe. Vindhya’s live chat support service agents are fully trained to respond to the queries be it technical or non-technical. Let’s see why live chat support service is integral and important to every company.

Why is live chat support important?

In today’s business world, providing live chat support to customers have become an integral and inevitable part of company’s business and growth. A real-time platform to offer prompt response, the live chat support service feature is considered as the easiest and most effective way of communication.

It not only helps the company to improve customer satisfaction, but also, customer retention. It’s proven through many studies that people are highly likely to return to the websites that offer active and live chat support.

Let’s check in what ways is live chat support important for companies or brands.

Convenience Factor

Live Chat support offers customers, an instant connection with the agents offering assistance. You no longer have to dial several numbers or type lengthy mails explaining problems! Just type your concern and press enter! You will get a response, immediately!! It also allows you multi-tasking. Press enter and continue with other works at hand rather than staring at the screen expecting a response notification.

Another advantage is sharing links or notes, if any, that would assist customers in addressing their concern. This is better than voice-guiding them. Chat has the features of sharing links, articles or referring to the chat history which will help the agents in efficiently addressing the pain points of the customers. Agents get a glimpse of solutions offered in the history and understand what worked and what didn’t and suggest alternate solutions accordingly.

Cost Effective

Businesses always prefer the way to get their services executed in the cost effective manner. Comparatively, setting up chat support tool is cheaper to implement. Live Chat support agents can multi-task at the same time while assisting customers. It is preferred as it offers live-assistance to customers and saves a lot in time and money.

Competitive Edge

Even now, not many companies have implemented live chat option in their website. You can list many that do not have this feature. In this scenario, when you enable live chat support service and include it in the website, then that gives a great competitive advantage over your competitors as it is still new. Grab the chance and implement live chat support service and stay one step ahead.

Saves Time

It is general mentality of people to expect response at lightning speed, same as they experience from any of the electronic device. When you have the facility to access the knowledge bases such as supporting documents, problem history and the solutions given back then, then it would cut down the time taken to solve the queries. With chat support service, agents can share the links of training, appropriate supporting documents via chat window instead of walking them through troubleshooting steps. Live Chat support also enables screen-sharing feature by which customers and agent can directly see and discuss on the problematic area and quickly arrive at the solution. These features help agents in saving a lot of time in resolving problems. In return, customer satisfaction level goes up in many levels.

Increase Conversion and Sales

Live chat support service instantly connects the visitors (who could turn into your customers) and the agents/ sales team. Immediate access allows them start conversation, understand requirement, suggest options and thus turn the visitor into a customer. They key to success in conversion/sales is having the agents/representatives well trained to answer all the queries quickly. A positive experience leads to higher satisfaction level of the visitor and plays a crucial role in boosting sales. Vindhya’s live chat support agents are always on their toes when it comes to providing solutions, information and serving the visitors and customers based on the reasons for their visits.

Build Long-Term Relationship

Building a good relationship with customers is one of the important ways to grow in business. A happy and satisfied customer is unlikely to switch the companies/ service and will help in spreading the good word about you to many by sharing their positive experiences. When you succeed in offering the best service and support in the first visit, then be assured that you have earned a customer for life!!

Outsourcing Live Chat Support Services to Vindhya

Vindhya’s live chat support professionals are technically trained to provide chat assistance for customer services, technical support, information and support on product/services, Order Management, Lead generation, Help Desk and many more. Outsource your chat support needs to Vindhya and be assured that your customers’ pain points and queries are addressed appropriately. Vindhya’s team goes the extra mile to make sure customers get the faster, effective and accurate assistance 24x7.

Industries We Serve

Vindhya’s expertise in offering live chat support services spreads across a variety of industries including:

  • Retail
  • Software
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Media and Communication
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Web Design/ Hosting
  • E-commerce

Benefits of Partnering with us:

Robust Training Framework

Leveraging our proven quality methodology, practices and tools, Vindhya demonstrates commitment to quality on a day-to-day basis. We use our quality data to create actionable performance plans for our staff, to ensure continuous improvement and skill development/enhancing. We train our resources on basic LEAN tools such as 5 Whys, Poka-yoke, etc to have quality driven from the first stage.

Vindhya assures you to have the well-trained and knowledgeable executives represent your company to your customers. A robust training module is designed in line with the service requirements and executives are put into extensive training and feedback-coaching-monitoring cycle is followed to assess them at many levels.

Driving Continuous Improvement

Having strong business acumen of 13 years of learning and serving of numerous clientele, Vindhya sets a strong foundation to its projects by driving continuous improvements with a dedicated team of Delivery Excellence. Driving Continuous Improvement with our people at the fore-front has resulted in adding significant extra-miles to our quality of delivery.

Quality Service with Value Additions

Vindhya follows a step-by-step approach to ensure quality of service:

  • Understanding complete cycle of data & aligning our deliverables to subsequent stages
  • Scope Analysis in various attributes like methods of sharing data, sorting, allocating
  • Identifying stages that can improve the quality of delivery
  • Identifying Critical to Quality aspects from Quality monitoring and share it with companies to take remedial measures
Key Differentiators that Make Vindhya Stand Out
  • 13 years of expertise in providing cost effective live chat support service
  • Knowledgeable, trained and qualified chat support agents
  • 24x7x365 – round the clock live chat support service
  • Multiple Language support using latest technology in place
  • Adheres to Data Security and Confidentiality standards
  • Dedicated team driven by the motto: Customer Satisfaction
  • High quality delivery backed by ISO 9001-2000 standard process
  • Cost Effective and Process Efficient
  • Improved end-customer satisfaction through lesser Turn Around Time
  • Proven offshore model backed by sound process
  • Experienced core team to ensure delivery as per your requirements and expectations
  • Domain experts to oversee projects in specific domains
  • Continuous process improvements to save costs

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