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Retail and E-commerce Industry

Vindhya’s Call Center Services for retail and e-commerce industry – We are the voice to your brand.

Firstly, let’s get the meaning right. Retail refers to selling, purchasing goods and services to public in small quantities in a physical store- brick-mortar model. It is the traditional and conventional method of doing business. E-commerce does the same – selling and purchasing goods or services using internet mediums but the payment may happen either online or offline.

Technology continues to be updated in such a way that e-commerce industry gets influenced in many ways. Mobile commerce, mediated via mobile devices and social commerce, mediated via social media platforms are the new entrants.

Revolution in Retail Industry

Retail is one of the sectors to undergo major changeover owing to the popularity of digital world. Customers wish to shop at time and via mode, of their choice, and choose the location to be delivered of their choice! To put it simply, shop at anytime and from anywhere in the world. To stay at top and in the competition, retailers must not only concentrate on managing their physical stores but also their online presence and their competitors. Retailers must make sure they offer personalized services to their customers at every touch point.

Retailers must embrace new business practices to survive in the market and retain the loyal customer base. It is high time retailers re-evaluated all the factors of its operations right from servicing, branding, advertising, merchandising, store design to logistics. All these are aimed at retaining their customers, staying at par with their competitors, being updated with all the latest technologies and thereby increase their revenue!

E-Commerce Industry

With ever growing needs of customers, it is a mandate for the companies involved in e-commerce business, to equip themselves technologically to address to all their needs and concerns. Customers are accustomed to the luxury of shopping irrespective of time and location. When customers no longer visit the physical stores to purchase and their presence is only online, it is all the more important for the companies or retailers or the suppliers to always be in constant touch with customers through any possible means. This helps in understanding their likes and dislikes with respect to the products or goods, concerns over the process of ordering them, tracking them and receiving them. In addition to ensuring the stability of physical market, both retail and e-commerce industry must make sure that they maintain an online customer patronage as well.

Need for E-commerce and Retail Call Center Services

Retailer and suppliers have taken to technology-way of sustaining in their business. Technology-based solutions such as customer call center services, digital marketing, digital branding, to name a few. Call center services for retail companies are the need of the hour for many reasons. The Main reason is the tremendous increase in the number of retail companies in the market and the competition that comes with it is very tough to manage without any external support system. Retail call center services serves as the back bone since it connects the customers or buyers and the seller. By availing retail call center services, sellers can address the buyers’ concerns, handle their queries, extend support, advertise and market their goods and services and reach out to huge population. Through call center that works as a touch point of the customers, retailers can serve their customers, anytime and all the time. Buyers are more likely to stay with, buy from and remain loyal with same sellers or brands to go extra mile to stay connected with buyers across all the communication channels. Retail and E-commerce call center services is one of the communicating ways that keeps buyers posted and updated about products and their orders.

Vindhya’s Retail and e-Commerce Call Center Services

Vindhya, with its experience of more than a decade, provides all the key retail and e-commerce call center services online and on-the-phone customer support services, ensuring the satisfaction of your customers irrespective of their time zone and location.

Vindhya’s retail and e-commerce call center services that include Order Management Calling Service, assist the sellers and buyers in the following broad channels:

  • Customer Support Service
  • Complaint Management
  • Loyalty Program Management
  • Help Desk

Order Taking and Management Calling

Vindhya’s trained professionals make order placement a smooth process for your customers. Winning the customer’s confidence about the company and the safety of their product is the utmost important motive of order taking calling. Vindhya’s resources carefully take the order and we also take it forward by keeping them informed about the progress of the product and confirm the shipment once the process is complete. Keeping in mind of unforeseen circumstances that lead to delay in product delivery, customers will duly be informed of them.

Effective Order Management Calling ensures cost efficiency, accurate fulfilment of orders, and improvement in customer satisfaction, brand building and informed decision-making. Outsource Order Management Calling service to Vindhya to ensure that your customers come back only to you whenever there is a need.

Order management also happens via email. Customer might write to you enquiring about the status of the order. In case, any queries that arises while placing the order, will be documented and mailed for support. In such cases, e-mail support services are a necessity to address such concerns.

There might be cases wherein customers want instant remedy and they prefer to get in touch with the representatives immediately for assistance. In this scenario, live chat support services is a must. Customers always want instant solutions to their problems and live chat support services just offer that!

Distinct advantages of outsourcing retail and e-commerce call center services to Vindhya

Operational Effectiveness

Vindhya on boards the trained professionals with retail and e-commerce experience to represent your brand and interact with your customers. With proven processes in-place, you can concentrate on building your core business. Vindhya also provides you the key insights and value-added reports that assist you in taking an informed decision.

Round-the-clock operation

Vindhya has the resources in place to offer round-the-clock assistance for your customers. We provide coverage for 24x7 keeping in mind of different time zones and locations of your customers.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Retail and e-commerce business must ensure that satisfaction of their loyal customer base remains intact and take necessary measures to improve on it. Vindhya perfectly understand the importance of a happy customer and assures the best assistance to each and every customer of your company. We ensure all their concerns are addressed in a timely manner; queries are handled in an elaborate manner and thereby win their trust.

Other Call Center Services for Retail and eCommerce Companies Provided by Us:

  • Sales Support Services
  • Retail and eCommerce Answering Services
  • Payment / Billing Support Services
  • Order Enquiry, Taking and Processing Services
  • Collections
  • Order Taking
  • Order Tracking
  • Status Enquiry
  • Order Fulfilment Enquiry
  • Order-Related Notifications
  • Post-Sale Product Usage Guidance
  • Product Recalls
  • Product Returns
  • E-commerce Receptionist

Why Outsource Call Center Services for Retail and eCommerce Industry to Vindhya?

When you outsource retail and ecommerce call center services to Vindhya, you can get the following benefits:

  • 24x7x365 support
  • Increase sales
  • Highly trained staff
  • Cost-effective services
  • Customized retail and ecommerce call center service packages
  • Guaranteed increase in customer satisfaction levels
  • Grow average order size

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